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Apollo Tools Frequently Asked Questions

What is the warranty on Apollo Tools?
All Apollo Hand Tools have a lifetime warranty for non commercial use. Apollo power tools and cordless screwdrivers have a one year warranty.  To learn about our warranty and register your product, click here. 

How do I obtain warranty service? 
Call us at 866-591-4749

My new kit is missing pieces, do I return it to the store?
No, please call us for replacement of the missing pieces.

How do you install the batteries on Mr. 7 Hands model DT1719. Instruction manual here: DT1719 Instruction Manual.

change battery light mr 7 hands

Changing the battery on Mr. 7 Hands DT1019 (old model only).

Placing your thumb on the bottom of the battery clip, apply pressure upward. The entire red plastic piece, including the circle that reads Apollo on top, will slide out. Sometimes, this clip fits very tightly. If the battery clip will not slide out in the manner described, you can use this alternate method. Rest the bottom of the belt clip against an old countertop or table (this may scratch the surface) with the remainder of the tool hanging off the edge. Using the heel of your hand, tap down on the black ring on top of the tool, rather like opening a bottle of soda without a bottle opener. The battery clip should pop off. Install two AAA batteries. The battery in the center should be positive side up, the one in front should be positive side down. See photos for more details.

how to change battery in mr 7 hands

how to change battery Mr7hands

How do I change the flashlight bulb in my Mr. 7 Hands?
Remove the batteries. Using a small diameter pencil, push bulb up through battery chamber from the outside. Drop the new bulb in the battery chamber, spring side up.

My cordless screwdriver isn’t working?
Several things can cause this issue:

  • First answer the following: Was the unit charged for at least 5 – 7 hours?
  • Did you check to make sure the direction switch on top is fully in forward or backward position?
  • If these don’t remedy the situation, next check to make sure your transformer is getting warm when the unit is plugged in to charge.
  • If the transformer is warm, the issue is more than likely mechanical, and our warranty service department will need to assist you.
  • If the transformer does not get warm, call us for replacement of the charger.

Can I buy replacement batteries for my cordless screwdriver?
Please call us for availability and pricing.

Do you have a user manual for the digital voltage tester?

We included a digital voltage tester in every box that contains it. If you don't have yours, here is a link to the pdf: 

My charger is mixed up in a drawer with others, how do I tell if it is the right charger?
The charger for your cordless screwdriver will be printed with the following:

  • Input: 120V ac 60Hz
  • Output: 6V dc 300mA
  • Polarity: Negative Ground

Where is the model number of my kit?
The model number is printed in the upper right hand corner of the cardboard overwrap. It is a letter/number combination, DTXXXX. We recommend writing this number down inside your case for future reference.

Do you ship internationally?
At this time, we can only ship to addresses within the United States.