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About Apollo® Precision Tools  


 Apollo Tools is a product line of high quality, competitively priced, hand tools and power tools constructed of the finest quality components and designed for the home repair enthusiast. We strive to create the best possible tool kits and to do so ethically, honorably, with our customers’ satisfaction at the very core of our focus.  We want to save you the frustration of sifting through a mess of useless objects that are rusty, dirty, broken, or plain wrong for the job, so we design products that are portable, organized, and filled with the high-quality tools you need. 


At Apollo Tools, we love innovation and we love a challenge. But it all starts with you, the customer. To come up with a new product, we put our heads together and imagine scenarios where you might find yourself. We’ve all been there: The bathroom faucet is leaking. We would not need to call a plumber if we only had the right wrench. We’re camping and the portable stove stops working.  It would be a cinch to reconnect that wire if we only had pliers. We’re in the car, stranded on the interstate and we wish we had an emergency car kit to get ourselves out of that pickle. We need a garden apron with a hook and loop pocket so that the cell phone doesn’t end up in the compost pile every time we bend down. 

We believe that those are the kinds of things that might happen to you because they sure have happened to us. This is where our imagination gets fired up. We love to find real solutions to real situations and just the right tool set to save the day! 


Once we have come up with a concept we feel excited about, we go through the next step, which is to design and manufacture tools that are constructed of 45C carbon steel, or chrome vanadium steel, and are heat-treated and chrome-plated where appropriate. We like ergonomic handles that are made of double dipped plastics and are soft on the hand. Our tool cases, and even the fabric we use in bucket organizers and garden aprons, are made of extra heavy duty materials. Each tool is tested against industry standards for hardness, torque, finish and usability and should last a lifetime under normal home use. All our tools must reflect our standards so that they can be backed up with our lifetime warranty for hand tools and 1 year warranty on power tools.  


Once we have our tools, we look for the best way to fit everything into an awesome container. Sometimes it’s a simple shipping box. But when it comes to our sets, we love it when the tools fit just right with a satisfying ‘snap’. We design our containers and cases to reduce waste and material, both in terms of simplicity of design and when it comes to shipping. Our cases must be sturdy but also lean and mean. And nothing is as gentle on the environment as objects designed to last a lifetime.


Apollo Tools is the brain child of Eliot Beal of Scituate, MA. He created the company from nothing in 2001 and, like most American success stories, the early heartbreaks and near collapses left him undeterred.  Today, Apollo Tools has grown to become one of the most beloved and successful home and garden tool providers in the United States. The company maintains offices in Massachusetts, ships out of its impressive warehouse in Minnesota, has its own dedicated manufacturing and packaging facility in Hangzhou, China, and is made stronger thanks to its sales force of truly knowledgeable people.   


Apollo Tools was the first tool company to manufacture pink tools. From the start, we did not make pink tools so that they would be pretty (although they are) but to signify our mission to contribute to breast cancer research, and a cure. To Eliot, finding a cure to breast cancer is the mission. Two of Eliot’s closest friends lost their wives to this terrible disease, so to him awareness and screening are not enough. Research toward a cure that will eliminate breast cancer in our lifetime is the goal. To this end he chose to partner with a charity solely devoted to finding a cure. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation puts 90 cents out of every dollar raised directly into funding research (in 2017 BCRF sponsored 275 researchers worldwide) and is the highest rated breast cancer charity.  They have received four stars out of four stars from Charity Navigator and an A+ rating from Charity Watch every year for the last twenty-five years.  Since becoming a  Breast Cancer Research Foundation sponsor in 2009, Apollo Tools has donated over a million dollars.  We are transparent about the exact dollar amount donated out of each purchase (it's marked on every package). Check out the pink tools on the website and see for yourself.

For more information about BCRF visit 


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