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Our Tool Sets Recommendations

We often get this question from customers: “What is the best tool set for the money?”

We are all becoming savvy shoppers who know the difference between inexpensive and cheap tools. When we hear, “inexpensive tools,” we think we’re getting a great value. When we hear, “cheap tools,” we think low quality. We associate “cheap tools” with subpar products from companies that provide no warranty, no customer service, where you have no one to turn to when the product corrodes or breaks. This is when buying something “cheap” can end up causing us headaches and more expenses.

To develop a reputable brand takes years of dedication and care.  At Apollo Tools we have spent over 20 years creating and refining quality products and focusing on our customers. We strive to give you a headache-free experience buying quality products that are guaranteed to last. We do not sell “cheap” tools.

What we do sell are “inexpensive” tools for the home repair enthusiast. Tool sets good enough for pros but geared toward the everyday user. And we are proud to back those tools and tool sets with a solid warranty. Should anything go wrong, not only at the time of purchase, but years from now, you will find us. We are located in the US and can send replacement parts from our warehouse quickly.

So, to the question, “what is the best tool set for the money”, we first ask, “What do you want to use it for?”

Here are some of our recommendations for affordable tool sets and tool kits that combine quality, warranty, and usability with great value.

1-Best tool set for a first-time homeowner

When people buy their first homes, they need a complete tool kit with all the essentials that they can use from move-in day and beyond.

Model DT9408 53 Piece Household Tool kit. Tool sets are excellent housewarming gift ideas.  

Why this is the best-value tool set for new homeowners?

Why this is the best-value tool set for new homeowners? For under $40, This set is truly multi-purpose. Whether you need to hang pictures on those bare walls, measure where things will fit, or assemble furniture, this tool set has you covered. It also has the tools you need for computer, small engine or bike repairs. It also comes in pink.


2-Best tool set for college students. 

Young people starting out in life don’t want to be encumbered with complicated tools they don’t know how to use. This no-frill tool set has all the essentials and comes in a compact case convenient for storing in places where space is tight.

general tool set for student and campus emergency tool kit

Item # DT9706 #9 Piece General Tool Set --Tool sets are a great graduation gift for students.  This one comes in four colors.

Why this is the best-value tool set for college-bound students?

For under $30, this general tool set comes in a small compact case and includes all the essential tools and a space-saving bit driver with 20 bits. First-time college students will have no idea why you are insisting they bring along a tool kit, yet they will be amazed at how useful it becomes throughout their college life. And for parents it’s nice to send them off with that added layer of care. This basic tool set comes in four colors, including pink, blue, red and orange.

3-Best tool set for women.  

Our pink tools and red tools are identical, work the same, have the same strength, durability and warranty. So, we don’t call our pink tools “women’s tools” or “lady tools” and our other products “men’s tools.”  The only difference between our pink and red lines of tools is that we donate to breast cancer research with every pink tool line purchase. Make no mistake, our pink tools and tool sets are the real deal, gritty and tough. Only pinker.

pink tool set for ladies pink lady tool set for crafts, home repairs, breast cancer donation

Item # DT0773N1 135 Pice Household Tool Kit. Do you like it pink? Many Apollo tool sets come in red and pink.

Why this is the best-value tool set for women?

This tool set will fit the need of serious handywomen,  Do-it-Yourself types, and those who love crafts. For under $60, this pink tool set’s value cannot be beat as it also includes a cordless screwdriver. All in an attractive pink case.

4-Best pink tool set with breast cancer donation.

Apollo Tools offers the most extensive line of pink tools, pink tool kits and tool sets on the market. We are the first tool company to dedicate an entire tool line to supporting and financing breast cancer research.

complete tool set pink for women in tool bag with breast cancer donation

Item# DT0020P. 201 Piece Household Tool Kit in Soft-Sided Bag. Apollo Tools donates to breast cancer research through the sale of our pink tools and we have so far given over 1.3 million dollars to support the cause.

Why this is the best-value pink tool set?

Kindness and encouragement can come in many forms. This compact pink tool set comes with Apollo’s breast cancer donation which means that any purchase of it is tied to an extra layer of thoughtfulness. The tool set was rigorously tested to be free of chemical agents that may cause cancer. It includes basic tools, a hacksaw, and an assortment of hanging elements, all in a study but good-looking soft-sided tool bag. This pink tool set costs under $50.


5-Best mechanical tool set for the money

Automotive lovers truly enjoy getting their hands dirty. To them, a mechanic tool set is always the right idea and there is no such a thing as too many tools. Therefore, do not worry that the mechanics lover in your life might already have a tool set. Believe us: he or she wants more than one!

mechanics tool set complete tool set for garage, mechanics, Rv, motorcycle in SAE and Metrics

Item DT9411: 79 Piece All Purpose Household Tool Set. Not having to sift through a mess is important. This case has everything in its place ready for use.

 Why this is the best-value mechanical tool set?

This great mechanic tool set costs under $45 and contains a carefully selected assortment of the most reached-for hand tools and sockets used for automotive, mechanical and household repairs. Ideal for the home, garage, workshop and DIY enthusiasts. More importantly, it contains the most-needed SAE and metric sockets for working on a car or motorcycle. We should also mention that it includes tools you’ll need for projects around the house such as hanging up a mirror, fixing that leaky faucet, or assembling furniture.


6-Best tool set to keep in the car

While we all hope to never have to use them, better be prepared for a vehicle emergency situation. Our tool set has all the essentials in the case of a roadside emergency or for on-the-road repairs.

best car emergency roadside tool kit, tool kit for car emergency, car tool set for trunk

Item # DT9771 53 Piece Roadside Tool Kit with air compressor. This emergency tool set doesn’t take up much space, yet contains a great mix of tools for the myriad of small repairs that might arise.

Why this is the best-value car emergency tool kit?

This complete emergency car tool set contain basic tools, a mini air compressor, a tire gage, and booster cables as well as a flashlight, a help flag and an emergency hammer to break a window or slice off a seatbelt should it become necessary. 


7-Best tool set for people who are not handy.


metal tool chest, retro metal tool chest pink and black, metal tool box with drawers, steel tool box retro

Even people with two left hands end up needing scissors to cut wrapping paper, a screwdriver to change the remote’s battery, a tape measure for the odd measurement, or a hammer to say... break open a walnut.  We make great hand tools that can be bought either as part of a pre-assembled tool set or individually.

Item # DT5010 and 5010P : 2 Drawer Steel Chest in Pink or Black. Just add a hammer, a tape measure,a screwdriver, etc. top with anything your heart desires, or use it to store whatever you’d like. 

Why this is the best-value tool for people who are not handy?

Metal tool boxes can be pricey. Our old-fashioned tool box with a modern twist is high quality for the price, so you can get the tool box you’ve always wanted without breaking the bank. Simply add a few basic tools and you’ll still have room to spare for keys, flashlight, or other useful items.


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