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Cool Things to do when you're Stuck at Home

Now that we are stuck at home as the entire world slows to a screeching halt, perhaps it is time to look at the list of things we always wanted to try but never had the time to tackle. So welcome to Apollo Tool’s March newsletter edition: when spring cleaning meets self-quarantine.  Here are a few things on our list. 

Bring edible nature indoors.

You can easily grow sprouts in a mason jar:  

edible sprouts in mason jar in a few days

Here is a video  that shows how to grow edible spouts in a glass jar in just 4 days.   


Another awesome thing to try is to grow nutrient-dense micro-greens at home while recycling, by using things you already have, such as a recycled salad containers from the grocery store.  

Rule of thumb:  Parsley seedlings will probably fail all your best efforts.


 Finally hang all those photos.            

You’ve been meaning to add frames, art and mirror to your walls, but where to start? 1- Place all the frames on the floor making sure that there are even spaces between them until they are arranged just the way you want them to look on the wall. 2- Buy some craft paper and place each frame on it, trace each frame and cut out the rectangles.  3- Using push pins, place the shapes on the wall in the same way as they were on the floor. 4- Mark on the paper where each hole should be drilled. 5- Use anchors and screws for drywall or nails for wood. (you can drill  right through the paper. place-holder) 6- remove the craft paper rectangles and replace them with your frames. Here is a good how to hang mirrors and frames video.

Rule of thumb: finally hanging photos and mirrors will take a ton of weight off your shoulders.

Click here for our selection of tool sets that include a hanging kit. 


Paint a room. 

We love to look on Pinterest and create Pinterest boards to collect what inspires us.  Once you have settled on a color, your local Home Depot or paint store can create the mix you need.  It’s easier to focus on the next step than the mountain to climb. By separating the painting project into tasks that can be spread over several days, it will feel less daunting.  Supplies can be delivered from your local store (Many are starting free deliveries in order to stay in business) or from an online seller.  The painting project could look like this: Day 1: protect with blue tape and plastic. Day 2: fix cracks. Day 3: prime. Day 4: first coat. Day 5 :second coat.  Here is a selection of how-to tutorials for home improvements and repairs.

Rule of thumb: don’t skimp on paint quality.  Inexpensive paint doesn’t cover well and is much harder to apply.


We hope you find a way to transform these weird times into productive ones - we sure realize that it takes adjustments - and we wish for you to stay safe and away from that ugly virus.   

The Apollo Tools Team


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