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The tool sets students need, for college dorms and beyond

At long last, college students will be learning in person this year, with many people eager to finally get the college experience for which they worked so hard.

... But no matter how well prepared for university students are, they will be confronted by life situations they may have never handled on their own before.  Going off to college is about getting more education, but it is also about learning how to live on your own and develop self-reliance.

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As students move into dorms or rental apartments fully expecting things to magically repair themselves as they did when living at home, they will soon discover that skilled maintenance personnel can be hard to come by. They might discover how capable and resourceful they are when faced with the realization that they are the only person available for the job. 

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Fortunately, when it comes to daily maintenance, small repairs or furniture assembly, a quick web search will lead to great step-by-step YouTube how-to tutorials.  So don’t forget to arm your student with a well-designed tool set by Apollo Tools. Sure, they might dismiss it as another display of parental hovering, but when the tool kit saves the day, as it invariably will, you’ll get to say to yourself, “I told you so.”

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Most days of your life, you will not need a tool box.  But have you ever found yourself hammering a nail into a wall with a book?  Or tried to change a license plate using a paperclip?  When you need a basic tool kit, not having one can be frustrating. The simple assembly of a shoe rack can be fun, or a complete hassle, depending on whether you have basic tools at the ready. Hanging pictures on the wall is much easier with a hammer, nails or screws and a level.

college essential, college tools, college dorm list,  dorm decorating, furniture assembly, cordless drill

The tools and tool sets below are the dorm room tools every freshman needs and are also perfect for apartment living. Most of our hand tools and cases carry a lifetime warranty to accompany your student throughout adulthood. Our pink tool line comes with a donation to breast cancer research. Our power tools carry a one year limited warranty.

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• Multi tools: Looks like a cool gadget; works like a tool box; a multi tool seamlessly moves from the dorm room, to the backpack, to the outdoor adventure.

• Tape measure: Decorate your dorm room your way by deciding where to place a curtain rod, measure the room to see how things fit before moving heavy things around. 

• Level: Remove the guess work from adjusting bed leg height, to setting up shelves and hanging mirrors and frames.

• Hammer:  Install supports for mirrors, posters, string lights, hooks for hanging plant containers; remove old nails.

• Utility knife: Use it on the countless boxes to open, outdoor and camping trips.

• Pliers:  To maintain a nail in position before hammering it into the wall. Restring a guitar and adjust many musical instruments. Bend and cut wire. Use for all sorts of crafts.  

• Wrenches Repair that leaky faucet. Install a skateboard’s wheel. Adjust the seat of a bicycle. Tighten a loose bolt.

• Screwdriver set: Replace a battery.  Open a lid. Tighten and adjust screws. A cordless screwdriver makes every one of those jobs easier.

• Hex keys:  Most electronic equipment and lots of furniture assembly requires hex keys rather than flat-head or Phillips-head screwdrivers.  Most Apollo tool sets come with an assortment of bit heads that take very little space and are standard to fit on a cordless screwdriver or a manual bit driver.

college essential, college tools, college dorm list,  tool set for dorm, tool kit for college, pink tool set for girl

A set of basic tools is something you will need throughout your life, and your life starts now.  College education is expensive.  Learning to manage things on your own is priceless.


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A winner was picked at random from Instagram entries.  Congratulations to Natalie of Minnetonka, MN for winning our 53-piece household tool set with tool box!  Thank you to all of you who participated and stay tune for more giveaway which will be announced on this website and on social media.


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