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New Year, New Skills, New Tool Sets by Apollo Tools

If there is one lesson we learned from 2020, it is that life is hard to predict.  As a tool company, we are in the business of anticipating needs.  That’s how we design each tool set, thinking of its uses and with the end consumer in mind.  We wanted to make sure that our new tools and tool sets would better equip you for what comes next. We reflected on the year that passed when we designed our latest tool sets and asked ourselves what sorts of tool kits could help make a home crisis-proof. 

Many Americans spent this difficult year learning new skills, undertaking a renovation, decorating, or taking on maintenance projects themselves rather than hiring a pro.  Some of us did this to avoid unnecessary exposure to COVID-19, some because of the imperative of making our dollar stretch further, some of us because we were bored out of our minds.  Or, perhaps a mix of all of the above!

Our new tools kits focus on the essentials and they will assist you with your existing skills and needs. They will also be perfect as your skills expand and you take on new tasks.  A tool set should last a lifetime, and that’s how we build them – for dependability, with the lifetime warranty we are known for.
 So, to all of you who, last year, found yourselves assembling a desk, fixing a toilet, or rewiring a lamp, and next year might set up an irrigation system, tile a bathroom, or install flooring, we believe that you will find that our tool sets are just what you need for the job at hand.

The new 65-piece household and mechanical tool set comes in a convenient molded case and has all the essential tools for Do-it-Yourself maintenance, repairs and crafts.  

65 piece blue tool set with case Apollo Tools


• Selection of essential tools with quick access to a 13 oz. claw hammer, a level, a 16-foot tape measure, a screwdriver set (Phillips and slotted), two essential pliers (slip joint and long nose) with double-dipped handles for grip comfort, a box cutter, a 72-tooth ¼ inch ratchet handle and a 9-piece socket set, two sets of hex keys (metric and SAE), and an extensive bit selection so you’ll always have the correct bit for the task at hand.
• This is the easy-to-carry, easy-to-store basic tool set you will love for tasks big and small at home, in the office, and in the garage.

Our new must-have 50-piece ¼” socket set with deep and regular sockets comes in a practical case with easy-to-read markings. Perfect to have on hand in the garage or vehicle. 

socket set blue tool set apollo tools


• Great for avid mechanics and for everyday maintenance and repairs, this extensive socket set contains metric and SAE ¼ inch sockets and ¼ inch deep sockets.
• The set also includes a 72-tooth quick-release ratchet and a ¼ inch nut driver handle, a ¼ inch drive universal joint, and a useful selection of adapters and extensions.
• Each piece is clearly numbered with its spot in the case marked in bold, easy-to-read letters.  This makes it easier to find the correct tool or socket at a glance.
• Every piece fits back into the case locking in place, solving the issues of tools and parts being left behind on the job.

Another Apollo Tools exclusive design, our brand new 163 Piece Mechanics Tool Kit contains an impressive selection of DIY tools mechanics tools. 

blue mechanics tool set apollo tools


• A must-have set of tools for every vehicle, including trucks, RVs, boats, motorcycles, etc. This mechanics tool set includes the most-reached-for 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2” sockets and a selection of the most needed garage tools. 
• Metric and SAE socket sets.
• Perfect for the high standards of avid mechanics, it will also find its place at home for everyday repairs.
• Find what you need at a glance thanks to the easy-to-read markings on each piece and on the interior of the case.
• The triple-fold design of the case makes it easy to carry and store horizontally or upright.







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