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Finding great gift ideas for Mother's Day is simple


The best gifts are the ones that are carefully selected for the person you’re giving them to. You know your mother well and you know what she needs. Give her a gift this Mother’s Day that shows how well you know and appreciate her. Our guide below will help you choose the best gift for your mom this Mother’s Day.

For moms who like everything neat and in its place.  You know the type of mom:  neat and super organized. This type of mom always likes a clever storage solution.  She will love a toolbox that has a well-curated set of the most commonly needed tools all organized in their own sturdy container. This 170-piece tool set in a tool box exists in pink and red. 


For moms who aren't afraid to tackle big tasks.  You know your mom best. When something needs getting done in the house, does she call a plumber or a handy man? Or,  would she rather do things herself?  If she’s a real do-it-yourself kind of person, your mom would really appreciate our awesome  10.8 volt lithium Ion drills.  They come in red or pink with an accompanying bit assortment.  They look great and have all the power needed for most DIY tasks around the house.


For moms who love the great outdoors and are always on the go. If your mom tends to respond to the call of the wild.  If she loves to be in nature, camping, or fishing.  If her bag contains less hair and makeup products and more power bars, wipes, and survival tools, she definitely needs to own a top of the line  foldable utility knife. Our latest design has it all – it’s  made out of steel, allows for quick blade change, folds easily and will not open by accident, and includes a carabiner clip to attach to a backpack or a belt and comes in black or pink.


For queens of crafts:  Some moms relax with music and bubble baths, others with Merlot.  But if your mom's way of relaxing is through the joys of crafting, then she will love our basic tool set that comes in blue, red, orange or pink.  This 39-piece general tool set has the basic tools for cutting, hammering, pinching, measuring and tightening and is a great must-have tool set to accompany crafters on the go. 


For practical moms:  Some moms will appreciate the practicality of a no-fuss tool set that comes in a wide-opening bag, contains most commonly needed tools for household projects and leaves room for adding your own personal items.    This 201-piece soft tool bag with plenty of pockets is perfect to add her glasses, car keys and any other tools she already owns. Tthis highly popular tool bag filled with tools can be tossed in the trunk of the car, fit under a kitchen sink, and always be at the ready. It includes all the basic tools needed for do-it-yourself tasks big and small.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!

The Team at Apollo Tools


  • Very cute!

    Victoria Cochran
  • thanks love to win this for my froster granddaughter.

    Truman Walley

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