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Breast Cancer Awareness Month should be every month.

SHOP PINK and donations will be made toward breast cancer research and cure.

As you know, breast cancer research and funding is not an effort that belongs to the month of October alone.  Every day of the year, there are scientists working on a cure while men and women and great philanthropic organizations dedicate themselves to raising the money to fund the research. 

And then there are the ones directly affected by the disease. Those for whom life has been upended: mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends. Men are affected too. Not only can men get breast cancer, but when a loved one is sick, they have to shoulder so much more. When breast cancer hits, the entire family suffers emotionally, physically, not to mention financially.  Perhaps breast cancer has affected your family and friends, so you know what we mean.

These are the reasons why Apollo Tools gives a portion of all its pink tools revenues toward breast cancer research. Not just in October, but year round, through partnerships with The Breast Cancer Research Foundation in the US, and Rethink Cancer in Canada.

Express your support to those you love with a pink gift purchase that benefits breast cancer research. Shop pink through our partners, not only for tools, but for jewelry, lingerie, makeup and beauty products, clothing, kitchen items, shoes and more. If you do your holiday shopping early, what better way to give than by shopping for good and purchasing with a purpose?

You can SHOP PINK on the Breast Cancer Research Foundation website, the Rethink Breast Cancer foundation website, and on on our website where the amount donated toward each item is listed below each Apollo Tools pink product.

We will stop at nothing short of a cure. Together, let’s continue in our efforts until the disease is eradicated.


Thank you!

The Apollo Tools Team


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