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A Protection Plan that Delivers! Added Peace of Mind for Only a Few Extra Cents.

We have recently added a great feature to our online store, one that over 90% of our customers opt for.   Now, you can add insurance to your Apollo Tools purchase to protect your package from loss, damage, or theft.  The best part is, it only costs a few cents. 

If you live in an area with a high level of front step theft, this new website feature will bring you peace of mind. 

The process is easy: No complicated sign up. No hidden fees. 

  • Track your online order at all times with visual tracking and real-time alerts

  • Get instant resolution, deal with lost, stolen or damaged packages in a few clicks

protect your Apollo Tools packages  

Just ‘opt in’ at checkout and your package gets the protection it deserves. 

add protection insurance at check out

The cost of insurance starts at 98 cents, is calculated based on item cost and weight, and is usually less than $3. Apollo Tools does not earn any money from this service, but we are glad to bring our package tracking to the next level.  

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