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3.6 Volt Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Screwdriver with 45 Piece Accessory Set - Pink DT4944P

3.6 Volt Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Screwdriver with 45 Piece Accessory Set - Pink DT4944P

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SUPERIOR LIGHTWEIGHT LITHIUM-ION BATTERY TECHNOLOGY: Our 3.6 Volt Lithium-Ion rechargeable cordless screwdriver packs tremendous power in a lightweight machine. No more cumbersome drilling with heavy machines, this cordless screwdriver makes every DIY project easier.

A FLEXIBLE BIT EXTENSION ALLOWS YOU TO REACH INTO TIGHT PLACES, by extending the reach into narrow spaces and dead angles. A front work light comes in handy under less than optimal lighting.

NO CUMBERSOME CORD to get in the way means this cordless screwdriver offers optimal mobility on the job. Offering power, performance and flexibility, it is perfect for hanging pictures, assemble furniture, and tightening and loosening the most stubborn screws. The convenient and sturdy case with handle allows you to keep the screwdriver and accessories neat and organized. The space-saving case with a handle for carrying fits easily under the sink or any small corner of the house or workshop for easy access.

THE GIFT OF EASE to the DIY and home projects enthusiasts in your life. After switching to an electric screwdriver, there is no turning back. The pleasant pink color makes it a perfect housewarming gift, graduation gift, or for the student about to leave the nest.

CANCER RESEARCH DONATION. A cause dear to our heart at Apollo Tools, we partnered up with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, an organization with stellar reputation with 90% of each dollar received spent toward research and awareness. 75 cents out of every purchase of this tool kit goes directly to benefit breast cancer research and cure.


  • 3.6 Volt Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Screwdriver with UL Approved Charger.
  • 45 Piece Accessories Includes:
  • 8 Piece Sockets: 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm
  • Socket Adapter
  • 28 1” Bits: Slotted 3mm, 4mm, 2 x 5mm, 6mm, 7mm
  • Phillips #1, 2 x #2 , #3
  • Torx 15, 20, 25, 27, T30
  • Pozi 0, 1, 2, 3;Square 0, 1, 2, 3
  • Hex 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm
  • 4 2” Bits: Slotted 4mm, 6mm
  • Phillips #1, #2
  • Flexible Bit Extension
  • Magnetic Bit Extension
  • 2 HSS Drills: 2.0mm, 3.0mm


 One year warranty on Power Tools

Apollo Tools, Ltd is donating $0.75 from this purchase to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®. BCRF’s mission is to advance the world’s most promising research to eradicate breast cancer in our lifetime. For more information about BCRF, visit  You can read more about Apollo Tools' breast cancer commitment here.


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