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Staple Gun with Staples - DT0740

Staple Gun with Staples - DT0740

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A RELIABLE, NO NONSENSE STAPLE GUN AT A GREAT PRICE. Do It Yourself enthusiasts already know that there is no end to the usefulness of a good staple gun. From any type of upholstery, to the home installation of carpet padding, to all kinds of decorating jobs and crafts, to building light wood trellises for the garden, a staple gun is an essential tool reached for again and again. Ours is reliable and versatile and will be perfect for most Do It Yourself projects in the home or the office.

ADJUSTABLE PRESSURE AND THREE TYPES OF STAPLE MEAN VERSATILITY.  Our staple gun not only allows for adjustable pressure so that you don’t risk too much pressure damaging material such as thin wood or plastic, it comes with three types of staples: square, round and nail.

KEEPING IT SAFE. Our light to medium duty stapler is not intimidating. Its handle locks for safe storage and the pressure can be adjusted according to the job.

INCLUDES 300 staples


  • Square Staples T50, 3/8" long
  • Brad Nails 3/8" long
  • U-Shaped Staples 1/4" crown, 1/2" long

APOLLO HAND TOOL LIFETIME WARRANTY. Our Staple gun with staples has a steel casing and is chrome plated to resist corrosion and for easy cleaning. Like all our tools, it comes with ApolloTools life time warranty.

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