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It is natural that after giving over 1.2 million dollars to breast cancer research, the color pink has acquired a special meaning to us. But let's not forget that pink is also the color of love! It also happen to be the color of our 72-piece household tool kit. Here is more about the tool kit.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, we are launching a new fun giveaway.  Here is how to participate in 2 easy steps:

1- Leave a short comment below

2- Follow us on instagram

PS: if you sign up for our email list you will be automatically notified of future giveaways. 

Good luck!

*** The giveaway has ended.  The winner is Lauren P of Kensington MD. Congratulations Lauren !!***

Anyone can participate but the tool kit can only be shipped within the 48 contiguous US. Giveaway starts now and ends at Midnight on January 28th, 2019. Winner will be announced on January 29th.


  • Would Love to Win this for Mama.

    Clifford Almany
  • Eekkkkk! Lol

    Ismeray Salgado
  • And one moreeeeee for luck

    Ismeray Salgado
  • Perfect for all my home projects!

    Ismeray Salgado
  • Apollotools! This is too cute!

    Ismeray Salgado

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